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Paul Godden
Vision Quest Video Productions

"Rarely Do I Come Across A Genuine Marketer Who's Product Itself, Exceeds The Quality Of The Sales Presentation!"


Khai, I have BIG problem with your products!!

You see...

I've been the victim of paying for junk online in the past few years, so much so, that I am now well aware of the tons of crap being sold, which are hiding behind shiny sales pages.

So what's my problem?


Rarely do I come across a genuine marketer who's product itself, exceeds the quality of the sales presentation.

But Khai, all your products are so jam packed with useful information, I actually end up spending time reading them all,
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The content itself could be, and should be on all the best sellers lists, and I would not be surprised if some big name famous authors are secretly using your words and products for shall we say: "inspiration". :)

From the well researched personal development topics,
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Khai, do me a favor, please hold off on releasing any more new PLR series for while, so that I have time to sort out all of the new ideas I now have for my business and personal life, inspired by your products.


Arnold Stolting
Stolting Media Group

P.S. But when you do release new products, I'll be the first in line.

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I ask every Internet hooligan to learn from Mr. Khai... because he is honest and he is the best.

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Mohamed Ahmed Hashim

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Well, I have only known Khai for about the last 4 months and have bought many self help products from him, but I still can't believe what this guy gives you.

You buy something for 'x' number of dollars and you think that what you have is good value, but then Khai offers a load more stuff absolutely free. It's fantastic.

It's also very refreshing to find someone like myself, that would give rather than see someone go without, or help someone sooner than walk by.

The guy is brilliant!

Alan Knights

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"The content Khai has produced is "Top Shelf"!

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Tracy A. Hanes
Life Coach

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From The Keyboard Of Khai Ng
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Dear 'Millionaire In The Making'...

My friends thought I've gone START RAVING MAD!!!...

Mad for creating the largest collection of original private label rights package ever created for this billion dollar niche!

(This is the smallest image I can use... any bigger would exceed the page!)

They were all telling me:

- "Khai! Why are you selling your best written personal development work as a PLR package? Why are you giving away your very best as PLR?"

- "Khai, why don't you save money by buying other people PLR?"

- "Khai, why is this package so HUGE?"

- "Khai, the content here is so good, you should be selling this yourself!"

It really got me thinking... am I making the right decision?

But I can say with conviction - I'm passionate about personal development and creating PLR.

I've started this website with one intention in mind...

"To help people to help other people through PLR and content creation!"

"Do This Simple Quiz - And See If Are You Facing These Problems In Business..."

If You Face These Problems, Tick any of the boxes Below:

"I Hate Product Research Because It Is Really Time Consuming!"
"I Can't Write. Even If I Could, I Find It Tedious"
"It Will Take Me Months To Create My Own Product Let Alone Plan!"
"No Money To Outsource Ghostwriters - They Are Expensive!"
"Even If I Had The Money, Ghostwriters Can't Be Trusted!"
"I Can't Do Graphics Design To Save My Life"
"I'm So Exhausted At The End Of The Day, I Can't Do Anything Else!"

If You Ticked Any Of The Bozes, Then This Is The Answer You Are Looking For! Read All The Way To The Bottom!

That is why I'm here!

And I know for a fact that original content, penned by me and my team will give the greatest quality for a PLR package - EVER! That's why my PLR is ALWAYS original and never rehashed from others.

This is the biggest reason why I've created 2.0 - it's bigger, better and more beautiful than anything I've ever created in my lifetime!

13 Billion In The Personal Development Niche...

Let me tell you this - personal development is NOT EASY. I know... because I'm a dilligent student of personal development!

I have READ hundreds of personal development and self-help books!

I attend personal development seminars like a university's education...

(Me and my wife, Yuenn at the Millionaire Mind Intensive - Arrow breaking exercise...)

(4 month's long self-discovery program at Asia Works - A Transformational Personal Devlopment Course)

(Helping Kids Out At A Charity Event!)

My life is 100% engaged constantly in a day-to-day personal development journey and because of my experiences in life, I can say that I'm able to author my very own personal development books... because I speak from EXPERIENCE!

Anyone who tries to write personal development PLR will always fall short if they themselves are not a student of it and That is why they can't give what you don't have!

It is an undeniable fact that no writer can write intelligently about personal development PLR unless they themselves have experienced the life changing, powerful transformation in themselves... otherwise their books or articles are worthless!

I can truly relate this to you from personal experience...

Who I Was...

I'm gonna dig deep into my shameful past and share with you the horrors of my 'past' life.

You may have been:

- Burnt by one or two business opportunity scams in the past

- Lost your job or were stuck in one so horrid that getting kicked out of the company would seem like an act of mercy

- Have a negative wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/parent who couldn't stop nagging about your 'stupid' business plan and when are they gonna see you make 'SOME' money out from it...

- Still have a dream of success but it's buried so deep within your broken failures that you find it painstalking to dig it out of that junkyard...

If you think you have got it bad, well... 4 years ago I was by far the WORST of the WORST!

Yup... I Was Totally Lost!

I guess I would have to thank my upbringing for that.

Being brought up in a very strict, performance-oriented Asian family, I have to stand on top of the crowd to earn my place - just as Jake Sully (The main character in Avatar) had to EARN his place as a Na'vi, I found myself fighting tooth and nail just to earn family respect.

I really owe my success to my mom and dad... and I really have to thank them for that... God bless their souls as they provided me with everything (and more) that a child would have needed to be prepared to face the world...

But I squandered everything away in a heartbeat.

I'm not kidding!


- I jumped from school to school
- I had to repeat my 2nd year in College because I sucked in exams
- Got kicked out from my first college, enrolld in another to continue my 'failure' streak
- I continued failing subjects in my 2nd college
- I wound up getting a full time job before my college degree (it's bad because in an Asian society, going to work without a degree will get you treated like a gentile - a 2nd class citizen with little chance of success!)
- And when I was one credit short of finally completing that degree, I flunked my last paper AGAIN hence kicking me out of college the 2nd time... when I was THIS CLOSE!!!

My Parents Went Ballistic!

I knew I hit rock bottom - worse than zero...

I knew that deep down, my parents loved me SO MUCH that they just couldn't stand seeing me in this shithole that I was in.

Night after night, they had countless sleepless nights trying to figure out what to do with me!

They thought I was doomed because I didn't have what it takes!

So I did what any college dropout would do...

Get a J.O.B!

Now, if you thought that my school results were horrific, wait till you see my employment history! It was catastrophic!

I've worked at too many different jobs that I might even qualify as a Guiness record holder of having the most odd jobs in the span of 2 years!

I've worked as:

- An office temp
- A computer repairman
- A business loan executive in Standard Chartered Bank
- Another loan executive in Citibank
- A piano teacher (so desperate for a 'job' that I forced myself to learn the piano)
- A marketing executive selling piano courses (logical choice for a self-styled 'piano teacher' eh?)
- A sales representative in Yamaha
- A telesales executive selling computer peripherals
- A tuition teacher in Kumon
- A guitar teacher
- COUNTLESS other odd jobs that I've jump to from time to time because I had no money!

And guess what... most of these jobs, I was either fired or I quit shortly after I started. Either I couldn't stand in being a J.O.B. or I kept on thinking that I didn't have what it took.

At the end of the rope, I found something that I though would change my life forever...

Do you know what it is?

No... it wasn't Internet marketing... (yet)

It was MLM (network marketing)!

At that point in time, I thought to myself that since I sucked at working for other people, I might as well jump right into being a business owner!

As if the 'frying pan' wasn't hot enough already...

My parents thought that I've finally tipped over the edge.

They were right.

(A picture of all the MLM 'starter kits' I've collected over another 2 years)

10 MLM companies and tons of wasted money (that I borrowed from others to finance the ventures) later, I collected enough 'starter kits' to fill an entire store room!

When you stack them up one at a time, it is enough to reach my neck!

My life has degenerated from job hopper junkie to MLM/business opportunity junkie!

It Was An All Time 'Low' For Me!

But I never gave up hope.

You see, there's one thing that I've never told anyone is that the reason why I really wanted to PUSH myself out of my sorry state is because of my (then) girlfriend - Yuenn.

(A picture of my lovely Yuenn... The Love Of My life)

The reason why I joined so many MLM companies is because I desperately wanted to provide a better life for her.

If it wasn't for her, my life would have descended into a black hole of despair.

At that time, I had no job, no money, no friends (no thanks to my failed ventures for very obvious reasons), and no respect from my parents or my brothers!

In moment of utter insanity, I even contemplated taking my own life!

But Yuenn believed in me and stood by me even as I was squandering away tens of thousands of dollars in failed ventures...

After my 10th failed venture, even Yuenn's patience was wearing thin...

She almost wanted to leave me because I had no future! (I almost wanted to ask her to leave me too... out of self pity and self disgust!)

As a last resort, I went into Internet marketing...

I had no money to invest in my Internet marketing education - less than $30 in my wallet.

But still, I wouldn't go down quietly and I swallowed my pride and asked Yuenn (who almost given up on me and my so called 'business ventures') for $30 to learn buy two Internet marketing books.

The rest, as they say... is history...

Who I Am Now...

Here is how everything in my life turned around thanks to Internet marketing and personal development.

I'm just going to show you a few incidents in my life where personal development principles such as the Law Of Attraction worked for me and turned my for the better...

A few years ago, I was never in the seminar business. I knew nothing about public speaking nor did I know anything about organizing an Internet marketing seminar.

However, later on a good Internet marketing friend with all the right connections sought me out and I was invited to speak. (see below...)

(Picture Of Me Teaching A Class Of Students About Internet Marketing)

The key point? I was totally passive in setting up the seminar but I was only active in 'attracting' what I wanted - to teach Internet marketing by speaking in front of a crowd of students!

Believing in personal development worked!

Here's another example of how it happened in my life. And this is something that most people in the world will never get in a lifetime.

I knew NOTHING about book publishing but I've always wanted to be featured in a physical book (that talks about Internet marketing).

A writer named Pearlin Seow who happened to be one of the students in the seminars I've taught in approached me to include my life story in her published book below.

(Featured in a physical book publication called 'Secrets of
Asia's Most Successful Internet Gurus')

(Yep, That's me under the copywriting section)

I never met her till the seminar and I never approached her about getting published.She sought me out and all I did was to answer a few questions and then voila! I'm featured in a book - it was a dream come true!

Coincidence? (because she was at the seminar?) Maybe... But the Law Of Attraction certainly worked in my favor as the seminar opportunity I 'attracted' opened doors to my first time being featured in a physical book!

I can even name one more incident!

I wanted to be featured in a prominent MAGAZINE. (Yes, the feeling is different from being in a book!)

I was 100% totally passive in this other than the fact that I attracted the idea. You won't believe what happened... a column writer stumbled upon my blog, sent me an email and the next thing you know, I was sitting in Starbucks being interviewed and subsequently featured in one of my country's most prominent finance publications!

(Featured in Personal Money – a prominent financial magazine read widely by entrepreneurs and financial investors)

And finally, I wanted to achieve critical acclaimation status among the top Internet marketers in the world. To be acknowledge by the best in the industry and this is what I've 'attracted'...

"I Can Therefore Highly And Safely Recommend Khai...”

“Khai is an amazing writer.

“And I count myself very, very lucky to have engaged him to work on some of my projects.

“I write lots of materials on my own too and so can fully understand the issues involved in producing them - but Khai handles them all with ease and in record speed too, exactly like the pro that he is!

“If you know the standards I expect from my partners, you’ll know that they’re very, very, very high.

“But not only has he met all expectations I have set for his work, he has surpassed them all by miles.

“Not only that, he’s full of energy and has a wicked sense of humor - both of which I’m sure contribute to his success somehow!

“He’s also a truly nice guy too, as you’ll soon discover when you work with him.

“You may never find a package quite like him now or in the future - so do appreciate the gem you’ve just discovered!

“I can therefore highly and safely recommend Khai to anybody looking for a very capable writer for all their writing projects. Try him out today - you won’t regret it one bit, for sure!”

- Sen Ze
Business In Your Pajamas! Strategist


Yes, bring acknowledged by this Internet marketing was a dream come true considering where I came from... here's more!

"Tireless Pursuite To Make This Project The Best Possible!"

“Hi Khai,

“I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge your expertise in working & developing with me a FIRST CLASS information product & high converting sales letter!

“From taking my notes, critiquing & further refining my idea, you left “no stone unturned”. You’ve left me exhausted with your thorough research & tireless pursuit to make this project the best possible.

“I can’t speak any more highly of your professionalism and dedication to the task at hand. But what I truly admire is your kind & humble approach to working with me.

“Thanks again for your commitment & treating my project as if it was your very own. Best wishes!


James Brown
Direct Marketing Niche Guru & Personal Internet Marketing Coach


“Khai's Work Is Not Only Remarkable...”

“Finding writers is a challenge. Finding excellent writers who are willing to ghostwrite for you without taking the credit is even tougher.

“Khai is a must have ’secret marketing weapon’ to add to your list of writers, especially if you’re in the E-Book or online publishing business.

“Khai’s work is not only remarkable, but his turn-in rate is bordering on the miraculous. There were 2 accounts when he turned in a full-fledged 20-30 page E-book… literally overnight! My other ghostwriters usually turn in the same work only within a week.

“I would highly recommend Khai’s excellent writing expertise to anyone, as he is one of the few BEST people I’ve worked with in highly profitable projects.”

Edmund Loh
World Renown Private Label Rights Extraordinaire


"When It Comes To Getting Quality Content Fast, Khai's The Guy To Go To!"

“When it comes to getting quality content FAST, Khai’s the guy to go to.

I consider him the ‘mass content producer’ because of his fast turnaround.

“He thoroughly researches your topic and writes meaty articles, reports and ebooks for you.

“FIVE STARS for this guy!”

Aurelius Tjin
The Unstoppable Marketer

"He Really Takes Care of His Customers!"

“Khai is hands down one of the most ingenious copywriters I've ever met.

"I honestly admire the way he strategizes his product.

"From creating an irresistible, high converting front end offer to an extremely lucrative sales process, he really knows how to help his people generate tons of money from thin air!

"The moment I sent out my emails, I was hitting a 55% conversion rate on his One Time Offers and I was shocked to see not, one or two but THREE OTOs rushing in for every 2 front end sales that I've made!

"And best of all, his launch has helped me to generate enough money to pay for 3 months on my house!

"I would highly recommend Khai's because he really takes care of his affiliates and his customers by providing overwhelming value."

Ian Del Carmen
Internet Marketing Super Affiliate & Rag's To Riches Superstar


“I Know You're Good But I Never Expected You To Be SO GOOD!”

“You Took Me By Surprise Khai!

“I know you are good with your words, but I never expected you to be SO GOOD.

“I didn’t even give you much information but the sales letter that you handed over to me is EXACTLY what I am looking for. With this convincing letter that you’ve created, I am expecting at least a mid 5 Figure launch with this new product.

“Keep up the good work, Khai! I am looking forward to a profitable long term partnership with you.

“You are my secret writing weapon!!!”

Jaz Lai
Featured speaker at Unleash Your Marketing Genius (UYMG), Global Internet Summit (GIS) & Asia Internet Congress (AIC)


“Takes Every Project And Turns It Into A MASTERPIECE!”

“There’s only 2 types of writers in this world: “

“(1) Those who write for money


(2) those who write for the love of writing

“I’ve hired and worked with the first type before, and every time I did disappointment was the end result.

“Those who write just to get your money often do only what they are told, hardly think and never (ever) over-deliver.

“The difference with my friend Khai is that he takes every writing project you can give, and turns it into a MASTERPIECE. No hassle, no worries, and no need to repeat yourself.

“Enough said. I highly recommend Khai’s services to anyone looking for the human touch and passion in writing that is so overlooked nowadays.”

Gobala Krishnan
The Wordpress Blogging Expert


“Let’s Just Say You Can STOP Looking For Another Writer!”

“Khai is the BEST writer I have ever worked with so far!

“He is extremely good at what he does and he delivers all the work on time or even earlier. Not only that, he makes sure you are COMPLETELY satisfied or else he will not be satisfied!

“My only problem working with him is that he is simply too passionate with writing that he makes sure everything is perfect - It annoys me cause he is too perfect!

“Let’s just say you can stop looking for another writer!”

Vince Tan
6 Figures With Zero Dollars & World's Fastest WIS Attendee To Speaker


Here's the thing...

If An Underachieving College Dropout, Job Hopper And Failure MLM Junkie Can Become A Successful Internet Marketing Speaker And Product Launch Expert, Then There's No Reason WHY YOU Cannot Achieve YOUR Dreams Even Faster Than Me!

That Is Why, This Story Really Isn't About Me At All... It Is All About YOU!

You see, you are very, very lucky to have found this page.

Maybe you have a negative parent/spouse/friend or even someone to prove that you really have what it takes.

Maybe you've been burnt by hooligans, charlatans and people who've let you down...

Maybe... just maybe... you are looking for the right opportunity to succeed...

You are now standing at a crossroad.

You know for a fact that choosing the right path right now will lead you to write your OWN success story.

You just need the right tool and the right guidance.

That is why I'm here.

That is why I've created everything for you. Call it a chance meeting, a coincidence or even a God-sent divine encounter... the fact that you are reading this page makes us connected and I'm going to help you... through this product.

This package is a culmination of my life's work, my experiences from rags to riches and my heart and soul.

When I started this project, I was so clear in creating the most UNBEATABLE solution to stop all the hassles and pain in all product creation problems... FOREVER!

This project alone cost me about tens of thousands of dollars to put together and at last, I can truly say that I've created the ultimate PLR deal of all time... so that you can succeed!


Over $101,342 Worth Of PLR Encyclopedias, E-books, Training Courses, Videos, Graphics, Posters, Screensavers And A University's Education Worth Of PLR Training!

Attention: Read This!

This is NOT a rehashed, recompiled, rebranded, renamed, reused, recycled mash of old PLR. All these PLR Are BRAND NEW, Oven Fresh ORIGINAL PLR Created Exclusively For Inspiration DNA Customers By Khai's Elite Team Of Content Creators!

100% Certified Original!

Just Enter Your First Name And Email And It Will Be Delivered To Your Mailbox Right Away!

Free Preview Copy!

After filling in your details, your browser is set to return to this webpage. Wait a few minutes for the book to arrive!


Here's What You'll Get From This Package That Covers The Most Major, In Demand Topics In Personal Development!



Module 1

5 PLR Encyclopedias With FULL Private Label Rights And MASTER Rights!

Most PLR merchants will never offer master rights for their best PLR books (or any PLR books for this matter...)

But I'm going to show you my sincerity that I want to help you all the way by offering you these brand new, 100 Pages, 16,000 Words that are brand new and original which have never been sold anywhere else on the net before!

You can put your name on these products, brand them as your own, edit their contents, sell, and keep 100% of the sales!

And best of all, you can RESELL the PLR Rights To Your Customers At The Same Time! (See The PLR License Inside!)

You will receive 5 powerful titles in this series:

Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Powerful Internet Marketing Mindsets And Methods

The Quintessential Guide To Understanding Internet Marketing, Mastering It's Psychology And Achieving Success Using The Right Methods

"The Complete Guide To Applying The 7 Habits In Holistic Personal Development"

Mastering Every Aspect Of Your Life In Habits, Relationships, Career, Money, Health And Your Ultimate Calling Using Stephen Covey's Timeless Model

"The Social Bible Of Winning Friends And Influencing People In The 21st Century"

Transformational Lessons Enabling Anyone To Find Fulfilling Relationships And Developing Getting Along With People From All Walks Of The Modern Life

"The Magic Of Thinking Really, Really Big In The Internet Era"

Apply The Timeless Principles Of Success By Thinking Bigger In An Even Faster Era With Information And Knowledge At Your Fingertips

"Rich Marketer, Poor Marketer"

Discover How You Can Use Robert Kiyosaki's Powerful Financial Precepts To Market Yourself Effectively In Any Niche And Build Your Personal Power


Module 2

10 Exclusive PLR Courses And Personal Development Training Series With Non-Transferable Private Label Rights

This is a star-studded collection of personal development courses with each course having about 5 books per series!

Personal development enthusiasts LOVE courses - especially courses that cover every aspect of life (holistic personal development).

Learn to live a well balanced and optimal life as these exclusive courses cover most of the hottest topics in the niche such as:

- Financial IQ and Management
- Self discovery
- Positive thinking
- Goal setting & getting results
- Habits & subconsciousness
- Spirituality, zen & enlightenment
- Home business opportunities and mindsets
- Network marketing mindsets and stories
- Health & Wellness
- Relationships & Social domination

Truly a class of it's own, EVERYTHING in personal development is covered from head to toe - anything from long term to short term development has a topic!

Each book in the series is at least 40 pages long and 6,000 words per book all written in such a way to complement and synergize with others in the series and all the series as a whole.

Unlike the PLR & Master Rights products, you cannot transfer the Private Label Rights to your customers therefore making the Private Label Rights exclusivity just for you only!

Here are the 46 books for your viewing pleasure.

BE WARNED - You will be scrolling down for a LOOOONG, long time:

The Self Discovery Series

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle."

- Sun Tzu, The Art Of War

The self discovery series is the epitome of personal development learning. These 6 books are a complete self discovery gold mine of finding your origin - to know who you truly are and how you can know others.

These books contains powerful transformational lessons on understanding your state of consciousness, balancing yourself spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally, they way we communicate, how enneagrams help us to discover how we function, how love, truth and power affects us and what kind of energy (polatiry) we use in life whether we are a lightworker or a darkworker.

Series Contains:

"Unlocking The Enneagrams Mystery"

Discover How You Can Use Enneagrams To Know Who You Are And Unlock Your True Potential


"Balancing The 4 Quadrants Of Life"

Discover How You Can Master The Essentials Of Leading A Balanced Life (Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally And Physically!)

"Balancing Truth, Love And Power"

Find Your Deficiencies In These 3 Vital Quadrants And Live A Balanced Life

"Conscious Blitz"

Learn The State Of Your Consciousness And Methods On How To Increase It

"Polarities And It's Vital Functions"

Discover If You Are A Light Worker And Dark Worker And How It Affects Your Life

"The 9 Personality Types"

Find Out The Different Personality Types And Learn How To Deal With It


The Goal Setting & Getting Results Series

"All successful people have a goal. No one can get anywhere unless he knows where he wants to go and what he wants to be or do."

- Norman Vincent Peale

The day that you discover that you have a dream that you deeply and truly desire is the day you lay out the plans necessary to accomplish it.

Goal setting is a must, but also equally important is the right kind of goals you must set in order to achieve it. This powerful series contains 5 books that will talk about organization, goal planning, accomplishing more with your time, how to get 'high' on rewards and rewarding yourself and how to manage your time properly.

Series Contains:

"50 Quick Tips On Getting Organized Easily"

Mission: Organization - A Simple Guide To Keeping An Orderly Life

"Goal Planning Strategies That Truly Work"

How To Reach Any Goal You Wish!

"How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time"

Getting Results Super Fast Through Prioritizing, Leveraging And Focus

"Results And Rewards Blitzing"

The Sprinter's Guide To Short Term Motivation For Huge Results - High Adrenaline And Rewards Guaranteed!

"Time Management Strategies For The Knowledge Worker"

Understanding The Evolution Of Time Management Strategies And Prioritizing What Works In The 21st Century

Financial Freedom Series

"There is a secret psychology of money. Most people don't know about it. That's why most people never become financially successful. A lack of money is not the problem; it is merely a symptom of what's going on inside of you."

- T. Harv Eker

Make no mistake about this - money is not the most important thing in the world... but it is by far the most important thing in areas where money matters the most.

Learning the art of financial success is far to important even if you don't believe money is important. You must pursue it dilligently, even if only to make sure that money never stands in your way as an obstacle to your dreams and goals.

In these books, you will learn everything you need to know about intelligent investing, debt reduction, how to condition your mind to think rich, how to rewire your subconscious mind for success and wise quotes from rich men.


Series Contains:

"Think And Grow Rich In The Knowledge Era"

Practical Methods On Earning Big Money In The 21st Century

"Lessons From The Intelligent Investor"

Discover The Right Methods And Develop Powerful Mastery Behind Investing Your Money

"Becoming The Richest Man In Post Modern Babylon"

Collections Of Money Related Wisdom Gathered From Timeless Principles And Parables

"Get Our Of Debt… Free!"

Discover Free Or Low Cost Methods To Eliminate Your Expenses And Live A Debt Free Life!

"Secrets To Subconscious Autopilot Wealth"

How To Wire Your Financial Attitudes To Create Unlimited Wealth On Autopilot In An Internet Age

Home Business, Marketing And Opportunities Series

"I feel that luck is preparation meeting opportunity."

- Oprah Winfrey

How many times have you seen or heard of a good opportunity... only to let it slip through your fingers and go, "If only I had... etc. etc."

Face it. Jumping into opportunities helps us to learn and grow. But picking the right opportunities will get us there even faster! These series contains 5 books on finding the best business opportunities, how to monetize Forex and currency trading, branding yourself as a guru in this opportunity filled land, finding opportunities in home businesses and monetizing the web as an entrepreneur!


Series Contains:

"Retire Young, Retire Rich From Business Opportunities"

Discover The Most Prominent business Opportunities And Methods In The 80's, 90's And 21st Century

"Forex Secrets And The Art Of Buying And Selling Any Commodity"

Learning The Mindset Of Powerful Traders And Mastering The Art Of Currency And Commodity Trading Easily

"Guru, Greatness And You"

Develop Guru Branding Status And Position Yourself As An Expert In Any Marketing Industry By Learning From The Gurus

"Discovering The Underground Home Business Revolution"

Build The Right Attitude And Learn The Secrets Of Those Secretly Cashing In Big Time In The Comfort Of Their Homes

"The Way Of The Webpreneur"

How To Market Any Skill, Talent Or Sell Any Product By Focusing On The Web As A Powerful Medium Of Expression

Habits And Subconscious Series

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."

- Jim Rohn

You have your dreams, you have set your goals, but it is winning the day to day battles that will help you win the war in the long run.

Without proper habits imbued into your subconscious mind, a creature of habit will always return back to it's old ways! It is time to reconsruct your habits by discarding bad ones and replacing them with good ones.

Learn in this powerful series of 5 how you can manage your anger better, how to beat procrastination, how to break your addictions, blast through all your subconscious fears in you and develop the discipline to reach your goals!


Series Contains:

"Addiction Breaking 101"

Develop The Mental Strength To Break Any Bad Habit In Life

"The Secrets Of Anger Management"

Learn How To Control Your Rage And Take Control Of Your Life

"Conquering Fear In The 21st Century"

The Ultimate Guide To Overcoming Fear And Getting Breakthroughs!

"Discipline 101"

Break The Cycle Of Bad Discipline - Works Even If You Are Lazy Person!

"Procrastinating Your Procrastination"

Developing The Important 'NOW' Habit And Strategies That Will Help You To Take The First Step Quickly

Health And Wellness Series

Series Contains:

"The Body Is The Temple Of The Holy Spirit..."

- The Bible

You can have all the money in the world, but if you do not have great health to enjoy it with, it will be all for nothing.

That is why Steve Pavlina, author of the most popular personal development blog in the world believes that by getting your body in shape, it will give you better energy, greater clarity, feel good about yourself and even a more spiritual person!

Here are 5 books that will change your health forever - books about powerful berries, body building for busy people, dieting and nutritional health, ways to eliminate stress and to top it off, ways to achieve better sleep!


"Berry Boosters"

Acai, Maqui And Many Other Popular Berries That Will Change Your Life And Health

"The Bible Of Bodybuilding For Busy People"

The Life Changing Guide To Understanding All The Popular Exercise Techniques - Works Even If You Are Super Busy!

"The Most Important Guide On Dieting And Nutrition For The 21st Century"

Reviews Of The Most Popular Dieting Techniques And Nutrition Guides - Past, Present And Future!

"Sleeping Sanctuary - Salvation For The Sleep Deprived"

The Ultimate Guide To Sleeping, Napping, Resting And Restoring Your Energy

"The Stress Buster's Victory"

Overcome Mental Anguish And Create More Energy For Your Life

The Network Marketing Series

"If you are a person with big dreams and would love to support others in achieving their big dreams, then the network marketing business is definitely a business for you. You can start your business part-time at first and then as your business grows, you can help other people start their part-time business. This is a value worth having - a business and people who help others make their dreams come true."

- Robert T. Kiyosaki

The network marketing industry is one of the biggest sales industries on the planet bringing in millions of dollars of revenue from all over the world!

The Internet has changed the way network marketing operates and it is very impotant to adapt to the times in order to become a smart networker!

This network marketing series of 5 contains powerful books that will turn you into a network marketing superstar! It covers topics on anticipating the next wave, how to sponsor others into your network, surviving your first year in network marketing, learning from the greatest networkers in the world and how to 'go Diamond'!

Series Contains:

"The Diamond's Journey"

Building The Unstoppable Mindset Towards Achieving Lasting Success In Network Marketing

"Sponsoring Secrets"

The Art Of Getting Motivated Prospects

"Surviving Your First Year In Network Marketing"

The Ultimate Defense Against Attrition, Burn Out And Competition In Network Marketing

"The Greatest Internet Networker In The World"

Stories On How People Used The Online Marketing Strategies To Become The Most Successful Upline In The World

"Preparing For Wave 5"

How Any Network Marketer Can Utilize The Google Era To Skyrocket Their Network Marketing Profits

Positive Thinking Series

"Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will."

- Zig Ziglar

There's enough negativity going on in the world. It is also very easy to become infected by the negativity and it is the no.1 dream killer in the world!

It is time to tip the odds in your favor. Positive thinking is one of the biggest markets in personal development and with a series of 5 books, you will learn how to use affirmations powerfully, manifest positive thoughts easily, practice power attraction, use the Law of Attraction correctly and eliminate worry from your vocabulary!


Series Contains:

"Advanced Affirmation And Attraction"

How To Use Affirmations Correctly And Attract The Right Things In Life

"The Power Of Positive Thoughts In The Post Modern Age"

Manifest Positive Thoughts In This Fast Pace Age

"Power Attraction, Power Play"

The Art Of Using Power Strategies To Get Ahead In Life

"Purposeful Law Of Attraction Accomplishments"

Using The Law Of Attraction To Accomplish Your Life's Purpose

"How To Stop Worrying And Start Living Effectively In The 21st Century"

An Updated Guide To Living Free Of Worry In The Knowledge Era

Relationships And Social Series

"Interdependence is and ought to be as much the ideal of man as self-sufficiency. Man is a social being."

- Mohandas Gandhi

Man is not an island. If you do not learn to get along with others, you will not be happy in this lifetime. It is time to learn to make life easier by learning about relationships and helping one another to get to each other's goals together.

In this powerful relationship and social series, you will learn all about dealing with the most difficult people, the art of making others fall in love with you, fundamental differences between men and women, studying body language and gaining the courage to say whatever you want to say!


Series Contains:

"Bringing The Best Out Of The Worst People"

The Guide To Motivating Others And Getting Results With Anyone

"How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You Within Minutes"

Uncover The Hidden Chemistry And Find Your True Love

"Mars And Venus Battles - The Cyber Arena"

Applying The Timeless Truths About The Opposite Sex In The 21st Century

"Say Anything To Anyone - Anywhere!"

Develop The Strength To Say No, The Courage To Say Yes And The Conviction To Convince Anyone

"What The Body Is Saying And Their Mouths Are Not Telling You"

The Ultimate Speed Reading Guide To People Easily

Spirituality And Enlightenment Series

"We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a physical experience."

- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

According to Stephen covey, we are all beings of 4 quadrants - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The fastest way to accomplish all your goals is to get your spirit in the right order. No longer a topic for religious people, it is time to tap into your inner being and live a spiritually fulfilling life.

This series talk about finding God (applies to any religion or faith), finding true spirituality, writing your 'bucket list', spiritual healing and fulfilling your destiny!


Series Contains:

"Finding God In The Post Modern Era"

Develop A Deep, Intimate Relationship With God In The 21st Century

"Healing: Inside Out And Outside In"

Finding Zen Through Spiritual Healing

"I'm Not Religious - I'm Spiritual!"

Shed Your Dogmatism And Legalism In Order To Live Meaningfully And Passionately

"The Bucket List"

Discover How To Do The Things That Give You The Most Meaning In Your Life

"True Calling And Life Purpose Rediscovered"

Find Out If Your Ladder Of Success Is Leaning Against The Right Wall And Repurposing Your Life Easily


That was a whole truckload of books! With each book at 40 Pages and 6,000 words of quality content each, you have over a QUARTER MILLION Words of lucrative content in this module alone! Just Wait till you get to the bottom of this letter!


Module 3

5 High Quality Motivational Videos With Non-Transferable Private Label Rights

Can't create a video to save your life?

With these videos in flash and AVI format, you get the raw source code to edit and create any video of your choice!

You get exclusive non-transferable PLR rights to these motivational videos:

- Life is a gift
- Positive attitude
- Choosing a path
- Live for today
- Unity

There's no better time on the Internet than now to release your own personally created videos on the Internet and take advantage of the personal development market that are hungry for motivation and inspiration!

Module 4

Massive 400 PLR Article Pack With Non-Transferable Private Label Rights

Chosen from the vaults of Inspiration DNA's massive archives, PLR content in the form of articles are known as juicy food for Google spiders!

Each article is a minimum of 300 words, and with 400 articles at your disposal, you can use the content here to create unlimited profit sources - brand yourself as the author, submit it to the article directories, fill your blogs with hundreds of blog posts, create niche content sites, affiliate review sites, adsense sites and many more!

Module 5

20 Affirmations And Mantras

What are affirmations and why are they lucrative?

"Affirmations refer primarily to the practice of positive thinking - fostering a belief that "a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything." More specifically an affirmation is a carefully formatted statement that should be repeated to one's self and written down frequently. For an affirmation to be effective, it needs to be present tense, positive, personal and specific."

Anyone who is an enthusiast of personal development will love these affirmations and mantras of positive thinking and personal development.

They can use these to supercharge their lives, motivate themselves, remember their goals, live with greater energy... you name it! The content is great for blogs as well!

Module 6

20 Beautiful PLR Wallpapers

Cut and paste these beautiful wall papers you can use for your desktop or put them on your websites and inspire your customers and prospects!

Brand your own website there and use it for your newsletters - the sky is the limit for these beautiful pictures.

Be inspired by the inspirational sayings and develop a feeling of tranquility as you feast your eyes on these images.

A perfect collection for any personal development enthusiast!

Module 7

30 Motivational Posters

They look like the real thing, don't they?

Print these out and hang them on your wall, or use these on your desktop, blogs, websites, newsletters...

Best of all, these posters will save you HUNDREDS of dollars if you were to buy them at a gift shop.

Complement your entire personal development empire with these as an addition!

Module 8

18 Beautiful PLR Graphics Pack

PLR Graphics with source files - you can use these to instantly create an army of images for your websites, blogs, newsletters, E-books and many more!

You'll get graphics in 3 sizes and PSD files for:

- Positive belief

- Team building

- Call to action buttons

- Powerful visions

- Law of attraction

- Managing money

- Weight loss

- Subliminal messages

- Confidence

- Personal growth

- Positive thinking

- Relationships

- Time management

- Goal setting

- Hypnosis

- Memory techniques

- Getting motivation

- Quit Smoking

Module 9

10 Strategic Spreadsheets & Checklists

Want to track your goals?

Keep track of your finances?

Check your 'score' on the game of life?

These personal development spreadsheets and checklists are created in order to help track your progress for personal development!

Self improvement enthusiasts will love you for providing them these useful tools that will aid them in their growth!

Module 10

10 Personal Development Screen Savers

Screensavers are HUGE stress relievers!

Extended periods of starting at the same things hurt the eyes. But with these motivational personal development screen savers, you will find new and creative ways to motivate yourself!

Rarely will you find anyone who provides these special tools for a PLR package!

Khai, That's An INSANE Amount Of Content! Can I Really Use Them All Effectively?

Of course!

Think of each module as a pond for a bunch of golden geese.

Each pond has between 10 to 50 of these golden geese working very hard to lay golden eggs for you.

Can you imagine this? 500 of these geese, each golden goose laying golden eggs day after day after day?

And to make sure you KNOW how to implement all these, I've gone to great lengths to make sure that you lack nothing!

And To Show You That I Truly Intend For you To Make A Fortune, I've Personally Written A University Education's Worth Of PLR Training And Courses For Every Single Level Just For You!

I charge $500 to $1,000 per hour for Internet marketing consultation.

My coaching students are willing to pay me twice that kind of money for my time.

That is why i've created 5 special modules for you over here so that you will be able to hook up a straw to my brain and understand how I think and how you can implement my personal strategies to create a 5 to 6 figure income!

Are you ready? Here goes!

Basic Training

Inspiration DNA: Basic PLR Training Course

T. Harv Eker - a motivational speaker says, "Every master was once a disaster..."

So it doesn't matter who you are, or where you're from or what you did... as long as you love yourself enough to WANT to take that first step, that's all you need - faith the size of a mustard seed to begin your journey...

The Basic Training will get you started with every fundamental you need to know about PLR. Think of this as PLR 101.


Advanced Training

Inspiration DNA: Advanced Training Course

Once you've learned the basics it is time to shift into 2nd gear and start using advanced product creation strategies with this guide.

Create an onslaught of killer content as you learn the art of using PLR like a master craftsman.

Create advanced products easily and use them to generate multiple streams of income for you!

Expert Training

Inspiration DNA: Expert Training Course

The expert at this level is able to use PLR for massive profiting strategies.

Learn how the pros use PLR in special areas and strike hard like a ninja!

You will learn techniques such as:

- Marketing huge products using a certain strategy
- How to monetize big with affiliate marketing
- Learn to use podcasts for profits
- Use offline lead generation for your online business
- Master the 'squeeze page' strategy
- Learn how to use viral videos
- Learn The 'bonus' game

- Take personal branding to the next level!

Market Leaders

Inspiration DNA: Market Leaders Training Course

The guides here are truly for heavy hitters - people looking to make 5 to 6 figure incomes a month.

Learn behind the scene strategies of how you can completely dominate specific niches on the Internet.

Use powerful search engine optimization strategies taught here in order to pluck 'low hanging fruit' easily.

You will become the uncontested champion in secret, hidden niches designed to turn you into a market leader - truly for the unstoppable marketer!

Guru Training

Inspiration DNA: Guru Training Course

The final frontier...

Go all the way with PLR and turn your business into an empire of awesomeness!

These secret manuscripts will teach you complete mastery of PLR and it will turn you into a guru by applying these:

- Learn how to use PLR to create a ______________
- ________________ marketing using PLR content
- Create your very own ______________ launch
- Creating your own super ______________
- How to use newspapers and magazine publishing!
- Creating the ultimate ___________________

Unlock all these secrets by studying the guru course when you grab a copy of Inspiration DNA 2.0!


Plus: Bonus Training Videos For Those Who Have Virtually No Technical Skills...

Introduction, choosing & registering domain names
(Video Time: 12 min 37 sec)


Brief guide on web hosting
(Video Time: 13 min 5 sec)

Web Hosting

How to upload your web files using an FTP tool - Smart FTP
(Video Time: 8 min 54 sec)


How to create a simple, basic “direct-response” website
(Video Time: 15 min 19 sec)

Direct Response

How To Install Pop-ups on your website
(Video Time: 8 min 20 sec)


Registering an account with Clickbank
(Video Time: 6 min 24 sec)

Register Clickbank

ClickBank: Creating the sales page & "Thank-You" page
(Video Time: 7 min 21 sec)

Sales Page

Clickbank: How to test a $0 order
(Video Time: 6 min 30 sec)

Click Bank Testing

How to request a price limit for your Clickbank account
(Video Time: 3 min 40 sec)


Managing your affiliate program using a 3rd party Clickbank script called 'Clickbank Manager'
(Video Time: 16 min 37 sec)

DNS Server

How to create and insert a Clickbank order link to your sales letter
(Video Time: 11 min 53 sec)

Insert Clickbank Order Link

How to create and insert a Paypal order link to your sales letter
(Video Time: 5 min 5 sec)

Insert Paypal Order Link

How to create and insert a 2checkout order button to your sales letter
(Video Time: 4 min 20 sec)

Insert 2 Check Out Order Link

How to deal with 'zip' files and 'pdf' files
(Video Time: 8 min 18 sec)

How To Deal With Zip and PDF Files

How to compile your files and convert it into .exe ebooks (Part 1)
(Video Time: 3 min 55 sec)

Ebook 1

How to compile your files and convert it into .exe ebooks (Part 2)
(Video Time: 15 min 13 sec)

Ebook 2

How to compile your files and convert it into .exe ebooks (Part 3)
(Video Time: 6 min 18 sec)

Ebook 3

How to "brand" your ebooks (Windows version) so that they will create more profits for you (Part 1)
(Video Time: 7 min 37 sec)

DNS Server

How to "brand" your ebooks (Windows version) so that they will create more profits for you (Part 2)
(Video Time: 5 min 13 sec)

Rebrand 1

How to create a pdf file
(Video Time: 3 min 58 sec)

How to create PDF file?

An overview of using an ad tracking tool - Adtrackz
(Video Time: 7 min 36 sec)

Adtrackz 1

How to track sales conversion ratio using Adtrackz
(Video Time: 8 min 28 sec)

Adtrackz 2

How to track sales and R.O.I (Return Rate of Investment) using Proanalyzer script
(Video Time: 9 min 50 sec)

Track Sales and ROI

A brief guide on 'landing pages'
(Video Time: 4 min 45 sec)

Landing Pages

A brief guide on 'squeeze pages'
(Video Time: 6 min 1 sec)

Squeeze pages

Placing your autoresponder HTML code to your website so that you can start building your opt-in list - (Autoresponse Plus)
(Video Time: 7 min 13 sec)

ARP Plus

Placing your autoresponder HTML code to your website so that you can start building your opt-in list (Parabots)
(Video Time: 5 min 39 sec)


How to make your ebooks or any computer files downloadable from your server
(Video Time: 4 min 47 sec)


How to create mail accounts from your Cpanel
(Video Time: 7 min 43 sec)

Create Emails from Cpanel

How to redirect your webpages
(Video Time: 5 min 30 sec)


Whew! I never thought I would finish explaining each and every book, video and training course, but you get the idea that I'm going a full on 110% for you to succeed! But then here's what's most important for you...

The Most Important Benefit You Can Have With This Package!

For starters, I'll tell you what is the most lucrative money making technique you can use with this package...

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Here are even more ideas for this course...

You can use the products for personal use.

You can put your name on the products as the author!

You can edit the contents, change the E-Cover, re-title the products, and include your very own back-end affiliate links!

You can break the E-Book contents down to articles for your viral article submissions, blogs or even e-zine!

You can sell the products, individually or in a package at any price you wish! The profit potential is yours to decide!

You can add the products into your (free/paid) membership site for your members to enjoy and increase the perceived value of your membership content! (PDF file only)

You can use the products as a bonus to another product you are selling!

You can include these products into a paid package and sell at a higher price!

You can sell the products through auction sites!

You can offer the (Master) Resell Rights - together or separately - to the products - and sell at a higher price!

You can give the products away (except the source file) and build rapport with your subscribers to later sell them another item!

You can resell the PLR rights to the PLR encyclopedias (terms and conditions apply)!

You can change and publish the products offline!

And so much more!

The Sky is the limit! This is your cash cow - there's just TOO MANY ways to make money with Inspiration DNA!

4 Major Reasons To Get Inspiration DNA 2.0 Right NOW!

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Inspiration DNA: Law Of Attraction Courses Product
PLR Value
Module 1: 5 PLR Encyclopedias (Value $1,797 Each)
Module 2: 10 PLR Courses (Value $3,485 Per Series)
Module 3: Motivational PLR Videos (Value $7,985 Each)
Module 4: 400 Personal Development Article Pack
Module 5: 20 Affirmations And Mantras
Module 6: 20 Personal Development Wallpapers
Module 7: 30 Motivational Professionally Crafted Posters
Module 8: Beautiful Personal Development Graphics
Module 9: 10 Strategic Spreadsheets & Checklists
Module 10: 10 Screensavers
Basic PLR Training Course
Advanced PLR Training Course
Expert PLR Training Course
Market Leader's PLR Training Course
Guru's PLR Training Course

Please understand that $101,342 is just an approximate cost to outsource each of these packages individually (not including extra costs...)

This figure is just a conservative sum, but in actual fact, it could cost a WHOLE LOT MORE than what is listed here (I don't want to scare you...)

You cannot imagine how expensive it is to pay all these separately, let alone only ONE of these components which will cost you hundreds of dollars in just product research, writing, proof-reading and designing the E-cover.

Consider that I've 'paid it forward' for you.

You can get it all, definitely not at the price I've listed. - definitely not at $22,507...


What's Important Is NOT The Pittance You'll Invest In All These But How Much You'll LOSE OUT If You Don't!

Understand that time and tide waits for no man (or woman).

While the personal development market is in itself a HUGE market and people everywhere are looking for the whole deal - it is truly the mothership of all PLR packages in this niche!

Simply put - don't let whatever considerations stand in the way between you and your success.

You see, the greatest benefit of this product is that it is an EVERGREEN market. These products will sell... FOREVER!

The self improvement crowd is not going to disappear in the future. As the world becomes more hectic and more corrupt, the more people will want to look for ways to get ahead, improve themselves, find themselves, think more positively, set more goals, look for more opportunities, build networks, even find something fun to do when they are old! This product package caters to EVERYTHING!

The big money you make THIS year will also be there (possibly even more) next year, the year after that, and the year after that, until FOREVER!

Until the day the Internet disappears (which is never...) you would've created a form of passive income every single month.

Month after month of huge income in a million dollar market that is proven by Google.

I cannot imagine someone who does not WANT this!

I cannot even begin to imagine someone who would lose this - it's just scary!

Thankfully, you are a sharp marketer - otherwise these things will not resonate with you.

I Could Easily Charge $4,997 For This Package And People Will Still Pay For This... But I Won't For A Couple Of Reasons...

As I said earlier, I knew what it was like salivating as others were making big bucks in golden opportunities that I've missed.

I know what it is like to have your parents or spouse nag at you constantly when you don't have anything to show for it.

I know what it is like to have people CRITICIZE you for being a loser - not because I didn't have what it takes but because I missed the right opportunities.

I went down those trenches and I know what it is like standing here pondering that 'first step' or when it is the right time to COMMIT and EMBRACE an opportunity like this.

Your opportunity is NOW and it is handed over to you on a silver gold DIAMOND platter.

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No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

I can give you such a guarantee because we are so confident that our products will work for you that we are willing to let you:

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Khai Ng's $100 Conditional Guarantee!


I - Khai Ng, Am So Damn Confident That My Inspiration DNA 2.0 PLR System Will Make You So Much Money That If You Do Exactly As I Say And Still Fail, I Will Personally Paypal $100 To You!

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